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Md Monower hossain
Jun 20, 2022
In General Discussion
At a recent company event, Adobe Systems CEO Shantanu Narayan made the bold claim that “customer experience is all or nothing.” That’s certainly Special leads true, as far as it goes. But I want to suggest something equally bold, which is that this statement overlooks a crucial component of the customer experience equation: engagement. Customer experienc Special leads and engagement are the yin and yang of the new Engagement Economy, joined in a symbiotic union. As marketers, we own the relationship that forms the customer Special leads experience, which is the destination. But we also own customer engagement, which is the journey. And it is impossible to reach a destination without some kind of journey. Done correctly, engagement is the glue that holds customers and fosters long-term relationships. Experience without Special leads engagement is not “sticky.” It does not create the lasting Special leads bonds that keep customers from drifting away. As the marketing landscape shifts towards maximizing Special leads lifetime customer value, the ability to personalize every journey and engage meaningfully at every step is paramount to delivering a consistently winning experience that brings buyers back again and again. Let’s look more closely at how this works. Engagement is binary: You have it, or you don’t. There are many Special leads ways for a business to engage meaningfully with customers: by knowing all about them, by standing
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