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Sourav kumar
Jul 18, 2022
In General Discussion
Imposed by neoliberalism7, although favored –during the first decade– by the Phone Number List income generated by gas and oil exports. However, when the economy began to collapse due to the drop in international prices for these commodities and the Phone Number List financial crisis of 2008, the former agent began to develop a discourse that aimed to alleviate these effects and rebuild the social bond through the reinforcement of national identity and, linked to this, the attempt to reposition Russia as a world power or, at least, as an actor that should not be Phone Number List ignored in global decision-making. The problem of national identity began to be Phone Number List resolved from the State and with a strong conservative and geopolitical imprint. One of the pillars on which this strategy was attempted was, precisely, the idea that Russia must have a strong State, since it is essential not only for the development and well-being of the country but also for its repositioning on a global scale.8. As a complement to this position –although in Phone Number List tune with a trend that was experienced worldwide–, a conservative vision of the world and of society was developed, manifested in growing homophobia and xenophobia in public discourse and in the reinforcement of the roles of Phone Number List traditional gender, the latter in an increasingly close alliance with the Orthodox Church. Laws sanctioning "propaganda Phone Number List of non-traditional relationships" (the euphemism chosen to refer to homosexuality) are the most visible consequence of this.9. At the same time, and in relation to the above, an anti-Western discourse in general and an anti-American discourse in particular was spread from the government, which aimed Phone Number List both at highlighting the role of Russia as the guardian of traditional universal values ​​that a decadent West had forgotten or perverted – as the expansion of the rights of the collective Phone Number List would demonstrate there – as well as to put a stop
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